Ronnie Warren


Ronnie is a singer, musician and evangelist. He began his career at the age of ten when he joined his family group, The Lee Warren Family, to travel and sing across America for fifteen years. After graduating Bible college and working on several church staffs, Ronnie embarked on his own career. 2017 marks Ronnie's 24th year as a full-time musical evangelist.

A unique aspect of Ronnie Warren's program is that he plays seven instruments, the most memorable one being the handsaw.  His style is best described as a mixture of Southern gospel, bluegrass and old favorites. Ronnie is always ready to preach or teach and incorporates a gospel message into every concert. 

If asked what his mission statement is, he replies, "My goal is to invite the lost to get saved, to encourage weary pastors and struggling churches, and to inspire Christians to use their talents for the Lord in the local church."

Ronnie has always gone to churches on a love gift basis, and wants to go where the Lord leads.


Mary Lou Warren

  Mary Lou was born in Lubbock TX and raised in a Christian home with five siblings. She was saved at an early age and has always loved church and singing. She learned harmony from singing with her three sisters. After graduating from Bible college, she became involved in VBS, ladies' retreats, youth camp and teaching Sunday School. Her goal now is "to take care of Ronnie and to support his ministry however I can." Mary Lou enjoys traveling across the country with Ronnie. She joins him in singing and takes care of the product table.